About Iranians University

موسسه آموزش عالی الکترونیکی ایرانیانEstablished in 2001, The Iranians University, is the first e-institute of higher education in Iran obtaining the authorization of virtual education from the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. Taking advantage of state-of-the-art network infrastructure (including 24 fiber optic for internet connection, network optic switches, etc) and modern e-education methods, Iranians University has provided an advanced framework for virtual education, both locally and globally.

The entrance exam of the university is held annually through the national universities entrance exam or the exclusive exams under the auspices of the National Organization for Educational Testing.

Further, admission based on academic records for the undergraduate candidates is possible in some fields. The education method in all levels and fields of study in this institute is virtual and students take advantage of virtual classes over the internet for learning their lessons.

Aims and Advantages
  • Enhancing and improving the quality of education
  • Utilizing the best equipment in accordance with today's technology
  • Providing the best distance educational classes with the best quality
  • Teaching courses for graduates that can easily be attracted to the labor market
  • Paying attention to the educational staff’s performance and teaching of the
         instructors in training programs
  • Employing experienced and accomplished instructors
  • Improving and enhancing the quality of education
  • Monitoring and reviewing the performance of all the units and considering the
         opinions of the respected students, staff and faculty members and prioritizing them
         to be used in future planning.
  • Utilizing advanced IT equipment
  • Meeting the needs of students at all educational levels
  • Creating a dynamic and efficient environment
  • Making use of modern educational programs