MS in Information Technology Engineering

Information technology engineering is the study, design, implementation and support of computer-based information systems containing software or computer hardware. In fact when computer and communications technologies are combined, the result is information technology, or "InfoTech".

Today IT has become very recognized. It covers many fields. For instance an IT engineer can perform a variety of duties that range from installing applications to designing complex computer networks and information databases. These duties may include data management, networking, engineering computer hardware, database and software design as well as the management of entire systems.

In Iran, IT-engineering is a new-born major and It has been started since 2002 .An important note is that here it is not an independent major. It’s a tendency of computer engineering the same as software and hardware tendencies. Like the other engineering majors, in BS we should take 140 units that 31 units of them are special for IT .In MS it consists of 6 tendencies : E-Commerce, Multimedia systems, Database management, Data security, Computer networks and Information Technology Engineering.